Friday, May 30, 2014

Gone Fishing

 After a cloudy start to the morning,
the sun began to shine.
We took off for Tingley Beach,
which is a series of man-made fishing ponds.
The highlight of the ponds is the fountain at the end of the children's pond.

What joy!
We arrived early enough that there were no children
climbing all over the fountain!

Time to fish!!!!

Oh no!
My person saw it....
A van filled with small children in car seats!
They soon moved like a flock of geese toward the pond
in the fountain.
They seemed to think it was a wading pool for preschoolers!

My person screeched...
Because she has stepped a few feet away from me to get a better angle.
Fortunately, she beat the 3 year old boy in the lead to me!

We moved toward the other side while the small group
played on the rocks and in the pond.

How do you grab this thing?

I fell backwards.
I was okay, but there goes my hat!

I posed without my hat since it was still wet.
And I sat down to prevent falling again.

The preschoolers kept playing on their side of the fountain...

Time to go for a walk.
There are lots of geese and ducks here!

The train running between the zoo and botanic garden
had not been operating when I was there two days ago.
Today, one of the trains was resting 
at the Tingley Beach Station.

When the train first started running,
people could buy tickets for $2 to ride the train
from the Tingley Beach Station in a loop.
Now, it is used only for transportation between
the zoo and the botanic garden.
Since we have an annual pass,
all that means is that we have to show our pass,
buy a $2 ticket at the zoo or botanic garden,
and ride it from one of those locations.

 That would be a creative use of our Bio Park pass!

Oh yeah....
back to the fishing ponds.

This root is totally an awesome
work of art!

The lines and swirls look like the lines in the canyons of the Southwest.

I saw a piece of art. It is a ball made from fish shapes.

Someone had left their jacket hanging...
how odd!

And I saw baby ducklings!

Back around toward the car,
and more children were climbing on the fountain.

 My person remarked to a man who was fishing with his son
that she had never gotten a picture of the fountain
in the summer without children climbing it!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saraya Visits Old Town

Old Town Albuquerque was established in 1706.
It was established in accordance with the policies of Spain.

The mission church help to establish this community
as a colony of Spain.

Hollyhocks are now in full bloom around the plaza!

The church is the focal point of the plaza,
but it is surrounded by old tourists shops from the Route 66 era.

There are also several Mexican food restaurants
to add to the ambiance for tourists.

Some of tiny side plazas offer the most charming settings!

This small plaza has an old grinding wheel
that appears to be made from lava rock.

One of my favorite theme tourists shops is the Wagon Wheel.
We all like to have our picture taken with the wagon wheel they have outside!

The center courtyard is now shaded by green trees.

Potted flowers dot the sidewalks.

The fountain provides a moment of relaxation.

This couple seemed have stayed a little too long by the old fountain...