Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saraya Visits Old Town

Old Town Albuquerque was established in 1706.
It was established in accordance with the policies of Spain.

The mission church help to establish this community
as a colony of Spain.

Hollyhocks are now in full bloom around the plaza!

The church is the focal point of the plaza,
but it is surrounded by old tourists shops from the Route 66 era.

There are also several Mexican food restaurants
to add to the ambiance for tourists.

Some of tiny side plazas offer the most charming settings!

This small plaza has an old grinding wheel
that appears to be made from lava rock.

One of my favorite theme tourists shops is the Wagon Wheel.
We all like to have our picture taken with the wagon wheel they have outside!

The center courtyard is now shaded by green trees.

Potted flowers dot the sidewalks.

The fountain provides a moment of relaxation.

This couple seemed have stayed a little too long by the old fountain...

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  1. How beautiful! It looks like a wonderful place to visit! And it's so nice to see Sayara going places again! Beautiful photography, Tracy!