Thursday, June 5, 2014

Casa San Ysidro

Casa San Ysidro
is a historic home in the village of Corrales.

It was originally inhabited by the Gutierrez family.
In 1952, it was sold to the Minge family.
In 1966, they restored much of the property to an old style
rancho. They proceeded to collect furniture,
pottery, tinwork and other pieces of early New Mexico 
to furnish their historic home.

In 1997, the Minge's sold the collection to the Albuquerque Museum.
There is no general admission.
The Albuquerque Museum operates guided tours 
at scheduled hours for a small fee,
and most tours are set up in advance with the museum.

Today was my lucky day!
I brought Saraya to Casa San Ysidro for her daily photo,
expecting it to be closed.

I was surprised to see two docents near the gate
and the small gate open.
I talked to them for a few minutes,
asking if they were just about to start a tour.

I asked if I could photograph the entrance,
and they said I could if I did not go through the gate.

I meandered and took pictures of Saraya.

They invited me to join the tour.
I told them that I did not have any cash on me.
They replied since I am a local to make a donation
to the museum.

What an unexpected delight to be able to go inside!

Photography is not allowed inside the halls and rooms,
where many of the historic pieces are displayed.
I would love to photograph the rooms and all of the New Mexico collectibles,
but they are preserved by the museum with museum rules. 
I did find some photographs others had taken.
They have descriptions under the photos.

Photographs from the Internet

The Kitchen Fireplace/Cooking Comals

Dining Room Table in Kitchen

Tinwork in the Kitchen

The main hallway has the kitchen at the front end,
a small parlor across from it,
two bedrooms on one side,
and rooms not on the tour on the other side 
(including a more modern bathroom for the Minge family)

The Main Indoor Hallway/
Accessed by White Front Door

The Front Doors

I was happy and thankful to photograph the courtyard area
and the back with the outbuildings and stables.

Through the white doors at the end of the hall:

The Gran Sala/Living Room/Meeting Room

At the back of the residential courtyard,
there is an area with building for livestock and farming equipment.

This building was made from stone hand-set by Alan Minge
one stone at a time. It took him 15 years to rebuild this shed
once it had been sent as a pile of stones from its original location.

The Stone Shed

Stone Shed/Adobe Wall

There is a collection of wagons in the back.
This covering is now propped with additional supports.

There is a collection of grinding stones near the back wall.

There were two more traditional log cabins in the back
along with a pen for chickens and a place for a garden.

Log Cabin Cookhouse

We turned back toward the residential courtyard
and the few remaining rooms.

Back to the entrance...

Thank you for letting us visit today!!!

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  1. Lovely place to visit. Sarayna's outfit is the perfect color for these scenes.