Monday, June 2, 2014


 The Rio Grande Cottonwood is a common site 
in regions of New Mexico, including Albuquerque.

There are many mature cottonwood trees on the older property
where I live.
They provide shade in the summer
and beautiful fall leaves each November.

For years, I have taken photos around the trees closest to my apartment.

Last summer, the two cottonwood trees closest to my apartment
were cut down due to disease.

Saraya rode her horse around the trunk of the tree I loved the most.

The leaves of the same tree can be seen behind 
Saraya's hat in this July 2010 photo.

Fall 2012

The trees did not produce a full set of leaves the summer of 2012.

Both the tree in the foreground and the one behind it
were cut down in July 2013.

When they were cut down,

I saved a group of logs, including one that is an outdoor footstool
on my balcony.

I have imagined creating the base of a doll sized tree house
out of the saved logs.

Well..not quite that big!
More for Saraya and the other 6-8 inch companions!

Cottonwood pods create a cotton-like seed pod in the spring.
In April 2009, these were so abundant that I sent samples
to anyone who was curious.

The greatest population of cottonwood trees
is along the Rio Grande.
This forested area is called the bosque.

There are a number of trails in Albuquerque
that wind through the bosque and run along the river.

Whether you have identified them in my photos or not,
they are the silent sentinels in the background of life in New Mexico.

This summer, I have found a few more cottonwoods on the property
to be the backdrop for those quick and easy outdoor photos
taken at home.

This one happens to be where there is a view of the city,
and the cottonwoods in the bosque.

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