Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dust is a Noun, Not a Verb

Many years ago,
I got this great idea to build an
"adobe room box".

The floor is foam core that I painted to resemble the saltillo tiles
in my mother's apartment.
The walls were hardboard that I covered with paper mache clay
and then painted a tan color to look like adobe.

The fireplace has a basic structure underneath it,
which I covered with paper mache clay and painted.
The bookshelf was made by an individual who made furniture for
Ginny sized dolls.

The books are from printies I used to cover foam core.
The tissue box was also a simple printie.
The other items are small souvenirs from various
tourists type shops in Albuquerque or in Taos.

The red "ristra" on the wall is actually a wax candle.
The western items were from a resin set I purchased
at Hobby Lobby.
The wagon wheel is wood, but also from Hobby Lobby.

The bed was a simple wood bed made for Barbie,
which I shortened and painted.
The blanket is from Chimayo,
and I made the remainder of the bedding.

The clay figure is actually made from Sculpy clay;
an early attempt at make a "Hitty friend type doll".
The bowl was a miniature I purchased at
El Rancho de Las Golondrinas,
a living history museum near Santa Fe.

The plant was from Hobby Lobby,
but the pot it is in came from a Route 66
tourist shop/Dairy Queen on the other side of the mountains.
I glued it in with rocks and low temp hot glue.

I also made the western wreath from small western items
from Hobby Lobby and a small wreath frame.

Dust comes in abundance in the Southwest.
Every now and then, I do dust,
but it is not something I really pay attention to...
until it ends up in a photo!

Saraya was not happy about the dust that has gathered
in our adobe roombox!

I explained my philosophy to her:
Dust is a NOUN, not a VERB!

The adobe roombox is a "guest room"
for our 6-9 inch guests, 
who we have had from time to time.

I don't think we are quite ready for guests 
at this time!

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