Monday, June 30, 2014

Too Hot for History

Today was Saraya's last day of her 
"30 Days: One Object" photo project.

I decided to take her to Old Town
for a photo in front of the historic church.

With temperatures above 90*F and rising,
we found that there were only three places to visit in Old Town:
Sun, Shade, and Inside!

So, Old Town was still there,
but it was too hot for history, hanging out,
and wandering around.

I walked past a small "hole in the wall" that housed
a well reviewed restaurant called The Backstreet Grill.
The original location was closed,
but a new, larger location across the plaza was open.
I wandered in.

So this is how we ended our adventure together...
going out to lunch!

Chip also came as I am preparing to take him on a trip
and practicing using my iPhone for photos.

The Old Town Street Tacos
were delicious, the servers were so friendly,
and the atmosphere was clean and modern.
I can't wait to return with friends!

Thank you sharing Saraya's Summer Vacation
with us!

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