Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday at the Zoo

I decided that today would be a good day to go to the zoo.

What I found were rising summer temperatures.

The wolves were active, but while I was there,
they went to a pool to drink some water.
Their enclosure is also very wooded.

Many animals enjoyed the shade from fuller trees.

The flamingos had the benefit of shade, water,
and lunch served under the trees!

Saraya thought about a place to take her photo
for her "30 Days: One Object" project.

How about this?

Several of the gorillas were in full napping mode,
while others rested quietly.

The orangutans next door to the gorillas had also gotten the message!

I realized that I would not be walking around the whole zoo.
Some people decided to take the train,
which is an easy way to tour the property!

I saw a pea hen in a bush with two chicks
near the children's play area, which also has a water feature.
Getting really wet was starting to sound really good.

Just across from the children's area,
the giraffes were together eating.

Saraya's photos for her project are vertical photos
that have most if not all of her in the shot.

This photo is her photo for the day:

Yeah..it was getting really hot.
It was time to look at the exhibits closest
to where I was, and go home.

The elephants moved around enough for me to see
baby Jazmine!

The pool in the exhibit with the males looked really refreshing!

The amphibians and reptiles had the right idea!

Find a climate controlled enclosure
that is just right for you!

The shade was not shady enough,
and the inside spaces were not cool enough
to encourage people to gather and stay too long inside.

I was out of water, and it was time to go home.

The zoo is a beautiful place in the summer!

As temperatures rise toward 100 degrees this week,
I will follow the lessons I learned at the zoo:

Hang out in a pool.
Hang out in the shade.
Take a nap.
Stay in a Climate Controlled Environment!

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